Monday, 21 July 2008

Card Swap

Isn't this card just gorgeous?
It's a pocket card.
I received it from Sheena (Thank You Sheena :0) from the recent card swap I organised and I just love it - it is so cute! I'm always behind and haven't made mine yet so will have to get a move on tonight. You had to make and send a Thank You card using a Pollycraft design to another member of the swap.
There was only 5 members in this little swap but I hope you all enjoyed making a card for someone else. It let's use share ideas and creativity from othre s and sometimes we can learn ways of crafting. I've never made a pocket card before but look forward to trying one.
Emma at Rainy Days is contemplating a card swap after she is back from holiday (sometime in Aug), so if you want to take part, keep an eye out on her blog.



Queenie said...

Love seeing your delightful projects and your taste in music!

Tracey said...

Thank you so much Queenie, glad you like my chill out music, LOL!

Andrea said...

Hi GF! How are things over on your side of the water? I must say, what a gorgeous card. I can see that I'll be shopping at Pollycraft in the near future :)

Paula said...

Hi Tracey,

If you pop over to Tales From Pollycraft
You'll Find a couple of things to say thanks!!