Sunday, 5 April 2009

It's Offical - I'm now a soccer mom!

From now on my Saturdays and Tuesday are consumed by girls football. Under 11's (Forfar Farmington Athletic Girls )to be precise. Cali plays up front and seems to have quite a strike on her, may be a little baised but she is my little girl!

All our girls could play in an under 9 league, they are so little and Katie the youngest is only 7yrs old. They have been getting training from two of the 17yrs old girls, Becky and Jane, who are just fantastic with them. They now have games on Saturdays as well so one of the other parents has become a sort of manager and I've bcome secretary.

Saturday was their first time playing in the league and they all were so excited (us parents included)! They also really looked the part in their strips.

We lost 20-1. Our goalie was away on holiday and the girl who was bravely going to go in goal for us - her car broke down on the way to the game, so we were without her at the start of the match as well. And the girls they were playing against were huge in comparision, and had been playing in the league for some time.

But they so enjoyed it and never once got defeatest about the score. And at least Cali scored one goal.

Well done girls - you worked hard and played the best you could. That's all we ask.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Another post....another card

Would you believe it......3 posts in one week...settle down, it won't happen very often, lol! :)

It seems I have gone SCRAPBOOKING MAD over the last week or so and can't get enough of Sammy's wonderful goodies. I decided to treat myself to one of the CD's - Dancing Angel Bears, not only do you get backing papers, inserts, graphic, pillow boxes and envelopes but you get it for a brillliant price of £2.99.

I'm in love!'s one I made earlier.....

have been wanting to say that for ages :)

I actually used one of the inserts as the front cover so I could print a little verse f the right hand side. I decoupaged one of the bears and used the backing papers (printed a different colour on each side) to make my own little flower.

Now what shall I make next......

Monday, 2 March 2009

UPDATE ...from yesterday

Oh I did manage to get in just before the deadline for the February card comp. at Scrapbooking Mad.

Be sure to visit the gallery and see all the wonderful entries. You could even vote for me, if you want, teehee!

Sunday, 1 March 2009


HI Folks...I did promise I'd be back (sooner rather than later).

Here's a card I made for Mothers Day. It says "Have a Piggin Great Day". I got the image from Scrapbooking Mad - a new site I have found and love. They have some really nice downloads and lots of freebies. Well worth a visit.

I was going to enter it into the February competition but guess what...... I was too late again as usual!

On another note:
My baby boy had to get 8 baby teeth out on Friday and I couldn't be with him at the hospital (was working). His Dad took him and I got a phone call as soon as he came around from the anesthetic.

He was really groggy and was looking for his! So my work let me go home to be with my boy.

He did really well and got a certificate for being brave.
I really proud of you Conor, Mum loves you very much xxx

Monday, 16 February 2009

OMG - can you believe this award. I got this from Andrea (The Paper Purse) a short time again and completely forgot all about it, until I was catching up on some blog reading today.

To get this from someone a talented as Andrea is really special. Thank you. mwah x

So, now I need to share 7 things about me and then pass this award on to highlight others. It's like a smile being passed around in blog-land!

1. I have 3 babies - Cali (daughter who's 8), Conor (son who's 6) and my furbaby Bailey (Black Lab). We got her after I had an eptopic pregnancy, and she is my special baby.

2. I collect Cherished Teddies.

3. My favourite colour is purple. Its also my birthstone colour - Amethyst

4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can afford to go to Florida for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2011, with our family and good friends, Pam (Pambalf), Rich and their kids. It will be their 10th wedding annivesary that year too.

5. I can't stand Chocolate - Only joking I LOVE IT!!!

6. I have a goal to lose well over a stone that I put on over Christmas but it ain't stifting

7. I love doing logic puzzles and have completed all Mystery Case File games including that new DS one that I got from hubby for my birthday.

Now for the hard part, bestowing this fantastic award to other fantastic people.

My good friend and crafting partner in crime Pamela

A fantastic artist Paula (I knew her before she was famous) LOL!

Emma, a talented crafter

A special online sister, who I'd love to give a Scottish hug to - Janet

There could be thousand others but I notice Andrea got in before me, lol!

Girly Comments & Graphics

Where did the time go.....

HI folks, looks like I'm back again. I'm sure I should have been a hedgehog or something that hibernates. I go missing over the winter months and then reappear again when the weather starts to get a little better.

Mind you, we had snow last week, lots!!!

I am so grateful for all my blog sisters, craft sisters and well wishers, who have been in tough. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to getting back to you, but I appreciate your concerns for me and your well wishes.

I had a really tough session with a psychologist (she was really mean and not very friendly)! She doesn't seem to think my medication would contribute to the problems with my white blood count, so we are still no further forward in finding out why I get so tired and why my blood count is often low.

So from now on I have made a promise to myself that I will blog at least ONCE a week and make more of an effort to keep in tough with all you fantastic friends!